The Competitive Riichi Hub and are proud to present the 2019 Spring Online Riichi Championship!



Deadline for Registration: Sunday 10th March, 23:59 GMT

Preliminary Qualifiers: Saturday 16th March, starting 08:00 EDT | 13:00 CET | 20:00 SGT

First Round & Quarter Finals: Saturday 30th March, starting 08:00 EDT | 13:00 CET | 20:00 SGT

Semi Finals & Final: Saturday 6th April, starting 08:00 EDT | 14:00 CEST | 20:00 SGT


1st Place: 2 mahjong books* or 6 months of Tenhou premium

2nd Place: 1 mahjong book* or 3 months of Tenhou premium

3rd Place: 2 months of Tenhou premium

4th Place: 1 month of Tenhou premium

Finalists will also receive a custom tag and colour on the CRH Discord server

* Books can be chosen by the winner from or, value up to 1500 JPY per book excluding shipping.

General Information

How to Register: Registration is via completing this form.

For registration to be verified, players must also join the Discord server and post in #tournament to confirm their participation. This is to enable easier contacting of players. Tournament Lobby: TBC

Tournament Discord Server: #tournament on CRH Discord

List of Participants, Tournament Brackets & Live Results: Here


All games will be played in a Championship Lobby on

Preliminary Qualifiers

The Championship is restricted to 32 players. A preliminary qualifier will be held to determine qualification for the 32 spots available in the Championship first round.

Registered participants will be seeded based on highest Tenhou account rank since 1st January 2019 at close of registration, ordered by dan rank first, with R used to tiebreak players of equal rank, and current rank and R used as final tiebreak of players of equal best rank and R. The top 16 ranked players will automatically qualify for the first round of the Championship. The remaining players will play in a preliminary qualifying event for the remaining 16 places in the Championship event.

The preliminary qualifiers shall consist of a 4 hanchan round-robin played with unseeded table placement. After 4 hanchan, the players with the top 16 aggregate scores will qualify for the first round of the Championship.


Players who played in the preliminary qualifiers will be seeded based upon their placement in the qualifier. Players who did not play in the qualifier will be seeded based on their all-time highest Tenhou rank. In circumstances with less than 32 participants, byes will be granted with the highest seeds taking priority.

The Championship will consist of four rounds in a knock-out format. Players will be designated tables based on seed. Each table shall play two hanchan per round, including uma, with the top two players from each table progressing to the next round, and the bottom two players being eliminated from the competition. Points do not carry over between rounds.

Tournament Rules

Tournament rules are based on WRC rules, but red fives and abortive draws are used and games have no time limit:

  • Red fives are used
  • Players start on 30,000 points and return 30,000 points at the end of the hanchan
  • Points are divided by 1,000 at the end of the game (e.g. +3,400 becomes +3.4)
  • Placement bonuses are +15 / +5 / -5 / -15
  • The hanchan does not end if a player falls below zero points
  • 4 han with 30 fu (7700 or 11600), or 3 han with 60 fu, is rounded up to mangan
  • South 4 round will only end when dealership passes as it would in any other round (i.e. no agariyame)
  • Open tanyao is allowed
  • In case of double or triple ron, the next player in turn order from the discarder is the only player who wins (headbump)
  • 13 han and above is a counted yakuman, and double yakuman are possible [this is not the case in WRC rules, but cannot be changed on Tenhou]
  • Abortive draws for 9 unique terminals/honours in starting hand, same wind tile as the first 4 discards, 4 kans, and 4 riichi.

Players who fail to show up for tournament matches without providing greater than 48 hours notice, or who leave during the event, will receive a ban from participating in the next two tournaments. This ban will be discretionary and mitigating circumstances may be taken into consideration.

All games are to be played online on For those who are unfamiliar with the interface and do not speak Japanese, there is an English translation add-on for Chrome or Firefox, links to which can be found here. Instructions and assistance on how to create an account can be found here or on various English Tenhou guides available online, or in the first chapter of Riichi Book 1.

Games will be played in a Championship lobby. For those who are not familiar with Tenhou Championship lobbies, all that is required from you as a player is to be present in the correct lobby at the designated start time. Games will start automatically for you when initiated by the tournament organiser. Note that spectating another game or replay does not count as being in the lobby.