5 Sep 2020

The Assist and The Sashikomi

Hello everyone - first time caller but a long time lurker of mahjong.guide. I thought for today I would like to introduce people to a topic called the Assist and also about its brother, the Sashikomi. A brief word of warning: this strategy is aimed at more intermediate players who are familiar with the basics, however all are welcome to read!
2 Dec 2019

Replay Review #5

Today's replay review will be a little different - I'll be walking through one of my own recent games and providing commentary on my own choices and thought processes. You can view the replay for yourself here.

10 Nov 2019

Tenhou is Making You a Stronger Player – Here’s How

There is a common perception among certain circles that those that primarily (or exclusively) play mahjong on web clients such as Tenhou, Mahjong Soul, or Sega MJ, whether by choice or lack thereof, are somehow of a lesser breed than those who are fortunate enough to be able to play mahjong with real tiles. There are a number of reasons behind this belief, and some of them are even valid to a degree, but ultimately such elitism is completely unwarranted. Here's why - and strap yourself in, this is going to be a long ride.

14 Jul 2019

Replay Review #4

Today's replay review was requested by eggcage, who was 1-kyuu at the time. The review is brought to you by Corak, Tenhou 7d and runner-up in the Mahjong Soul Catfood Bowl Tournament. You can view the replay yourself here.

14 Jul 2019

What Would Buddha Do… 2

What comes to your mind when you think of Buddhism? Bald guys meditating in faraway temples deep in the mountains? Good! That's an  image commonly sold in the west. In this series of articles, I'm taking a closer look at the other side - the more grounded one. The practical one. You know, it's not that big of a deal to follow Buddhist guidelines while living in a serene place, isolated from the society (i.e. "everyday problems") and surrounded by people who are bent on doing the same. The true challenge is to work on your mind the Buddhist way in the midst of everyday life (Mahjong games) while dealing with not-so-compassionate and wise people on daily basis (at the tables).

9 Feb 2019

Replay Review #3

Our next replay review is something a little different - a houou lobby game from starfire, one of our resident 7d players, and brought to you by Niko and Feng, two of our other resident 7d players. In addition to identifying mistakes, this review will also comment on some finer points that our reviewers feel would be beneficial for tokujou players to pay attention to.

7 Feb 2019

WWBD – What Would Buddha Do…

This is the first part of a series of articles.

Have you ever tried to compare Mahjong to life? I bet you have! But have you ever done it the Buddhist way? It’s more fun, trust me!

27 Jan 2019

2019 Mahjong.Guide Tournaments

As we're now well underway with the new year, I thought it would be worthwhile to make a post outlining our tournaments for 2019 and giving people a heads-up for what is to come.
9 Jul 2018

Replay Review #2

Since publishing our first replay review, we've received lots of requests for more! We're really glad to see people jumping on board. However, in order to avoid cluttering up the front page of the site with nothing but replay reviews, future reviews will be published here so watch that space for updates. In the meantime, please feel free to keep requesting reviews through the request form - players of all levels are welcome!

With that out of the way, our second replay review will examine a replay from jonathanasdf, who was 4d R1720 at the time. This review was brought to you by Benawii (Tenhou 7d).

22 Jun 2018

Replay Review #1

Today we bring you what will hopefully be the first of many Tenhou replay reviews, performed by our expert panel of wonderful volunteers. If you would like feedback on your games, please fill out this form. We welcome replays from players of any level!

This first installment is brought to you by xGeo (6d on Tenhou) with additional commentary by Feng (7d). The replay is from a 4d R1814 tokujou player.