Announcing the 2018 Mahjong Quick-Fire Tournament League!

Next Tournament

The next tournament is on 20th October at 24+0100 UTC (21:00 EDT, 18:00 PDT 21st Oct 09:00 SGT).

Registration will start at 00:30 UTC, half an hour before the start time.

Lobby URL (Note lobby change!):

Spectator link:

Live and previous results:


The tournament is played on For more information on how to use Tenhou, there are links to multiple guides here

  • Registration is in the tournament lobby, from 30 minutes before the start time up until 5 minutes before the start time. To register, state that you intend to play in the lobby chat, or on Discord. Registration is done separately for each event.
  • Once registration is complete, the list of participants is randomised and match seatings are prepared. Seating is calculated so as to avoid players meeting twice in the first three rounds if possible.
  • All players will play through three hanchan, with scores being aggregated across the three rounds
  • Once the three rounds are complete, the top four players on score will go through to play a final hanchan. All other players receive their final placing based on score at this stage.
  • The placing of the final round will determine the final placing of the top four players, irrespective of score from the first three rounds or aggregate score across the event.
  • Each subsequent round will start five minutes after the completion of the longest game from the previous round. Players may request a small additional delay if required, this will be at the discretion of the organiser.
  • In the event that the number of players is not a multiple of four, and extra players cannot be found, the last player to register will be unregistered until the total is a multiple of four.
  • In the event of a tie for placings for the final after Round 3, the player(s) with the highest average final placing of opponents played will go through to the final

At the end of each tournament, players will receive ranking points as follows:

1st place = 5 points

2nd place = 4 points

3rd place = 3 points

4th place = 2 points

All other players who finish with am aggregate score equal to or above 0 will receive 1 point

Gameplay Rules

Games will be played using standard 3rd row Tenhou rules: played with red fives, open tanyao allowed, and 5+10 seconds per turn. There are three rule deviations:

  • South 4 round will only end when dealership passes as it would in any other round (i.e. no agariyame)
  • Players start with 30,000 points and return 30,000 points at the end (i.e. there is no oka)
  • Uma is +15 / +5 / -5 / -15

For a more detailed description of Tenhou rules, please see here



Tournaments are held on Sundays every two weeks, and are rotated between three time slots: 10am UTC, 6pm UTC, and 1am UTC. This is to (in theory) cater to all timezones equally.

Note that 1am UTC on Sunday equates to Saturday evening for American timezones.

1 1st April 10:00 12:00 03:00
2 15th April 18:00 20:00 11:00 02:00
3 29th April (28th for Americas) 01:00 03:00 18:00 09:00
4 13th May 10:00
12:00 3:00
5 27th May 18:00 20:00 11:00 02:00
6 10th June (9th for Americas) 01:00 03:00 18:00 09:00
7 24th June 10:00 12:00 03:00 18:00
8 8th July 18:00 20:00 11:00 02:00
9 22nd July (21st for Americas) 01:00 03:00 18:00 09:00
10 12th August 10:00 12:00 03:00 18:00
11 19th August 18:00 20:00 11:00 02:00
12 2nd September (1st for Americas) 01:00 03:00 18:00 09:00
13 16th September 10:00 12:00 03:00
14 30th September 18:00 20:00 11:00 02:00
15 21st October (20th for Americas) 01:00 03:00 18:00 09:00


How long does each event take?

There is no time cap for each round, so the amount of time events can take is variable. However, most events take around 2.5 to 3 hours for the first three rounds, and 3.5 to 4 hours total if you reach the final. Events may take less time, but it is recommended to budget around 4 hours for each event.

It says it’s a league – does that mean if I enter I have to play in every event?

No. The league element is there to provide a bit of competition across multiple events, but players are free to compete in as many or as few events as they wish. Participating in one event does not obligate a player to play in future events.

What’s the point of these tournaments?

These tournaments are intended to provide a bit of friendly competition within the riichi mahjong community, and to get people a bit more active in playing online tournaments. There are no prizes (for now – we might be able to have award Tenhou premium to winners if the participant numbers grow), and the format is intended to provide a bit of variance and not to be a substantial time commitment for participants. Play is for pride and bragging rights.

Can I stream games while I play/spectate?

Games may be streamed by anyone. If you are streaming your own games with minimal delay, you take full responsibility for anyone who may cheat by watching your stream (such cheating is obviously discouraged but tournament organisers are not going to resolve any disputes about it). All spectators on Tenhou will have an enforced 5 minute delay within the client.

I want to register in advance, is that possible?

No – registrations are only available within 30 minutes of the tournament start time. This is to prevent issues with people who either no-show or arrive late.

Results (After 13 Events)

Rank Name Points
1st Corak 18
2nd Butane 16
4free 14
Mai 13
5th tateniu 11
=6th Oyashiro 8
=6th 破顔の楽士 8
=8th -Nosty- 7
=9th RostiLFC 6
=9th Jiemei 6
=9th 偽赤木 6
=9th anthto 6
=9th 二階堂夢乃 6
Kyaru 5
DdR_Dan 5
MSamurai 5
Suffer 5
Harmonicks 5
=19th ジン・コガネ 4
=19th MihokoA 4
=19th Cheez 4
=19th headcube 4
=19th jsdf 4
=24th UNIVERSE 3
clueless 3
drillb0t 3
MtrsNxz 3
xGeo 3
mounteba 3
=24th BackRank 3
=24th Lilly 3
=32nd harphld 2
=32nd Mastercl 2
=32nd 漆原るか 2
=32nd AGT2020 2
=32nd zelkin 2
=32nd 池谷 2
=38th fr3netic 1
=38th geekstor 1
=38th 野梅 1
=38th カーロス 1
=38th Karolcia 1
=38th Piezoyo 1
=38th SALARYJ 1
=38th Squeakyz 1
=38th CsBlue 1
=38th Guriido 1
=38th デビッド 1
=38th MrFeng 1