Tournaments Archive

27 Jan 2019

2019 Mahjong.Guide Tournaments

As we're now well underway with the new year, I thought it would be worthwhile to make a post outlining our tournaments for 2019 and giving people a heads-up for what is to come.
24 Mar 2018

Mahjong.Guide Quick-Fire Tournament League

The more eagle-eyed people following this website might have noticed that for the last week or two there's been an extra section on the menu bar labelled 'Tournaments' with some content. For those who haven't, and just follow the main page, then this is a post to bring your attention to it!

For more detailed info on the tournament series, starting April 1st, check out the details page here.

29 Oct 2017

Tournament Report – WRC 2017

Rosti's report from the 2017 World Riichi Championships, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas...
2 Mar 2017

Tournament Report – LAPOM Championship 2017

Hi, I'm Anthony / totoro on Osamuko discord - I was going to visit the US on vacation and when I found out about the LAPOM championships and couldn't resist the chance to change my itinerary and play!