15 Jul 2017

Paying with Sticks

When WRC 2014 was announced, we made a decision to buck the tradition of score sheets and use sticks for keeping score instead of score sheets when playing. Some welcomed the change, for others it was a controversial move. Fortunately, we've proven ourselves to be on the correct side of mahjong history, and now most tournaments are played using sticks (or tembo) to keep points.

I don't feel I need to wax lyrical over the pros of paying with sticks anymore. Most players have quickly embraced them. However, the one thing some are lacking is the confidence in the etiquette of paying for that yakuman...

9 Jul 2017

Application of Block Theory – Part 2

So you've got five blocks now, the right number of blocks to form a winning hand, but you're still not tenpai yet. What do you do? Does it even matter? It certainly does - read on to find out more.

1 Jul 2017

Application of Block Theory – Part 1

By now I'm sure you've learnt about five block theory and how it works, but how do you actually apply the theory to determine what's the best tile to discard? How do you make your decisions systematically and consistently?

Today's lesson is taken from Hirasawa Genki's よくわかる麻雀の勝ち方 (Yoku Wakaru Maajan no Kachikata).

21 May 2017

Mahjong Tools Part 2: Tenhou Log Collectors

In this article I cover two tools for downloading Tenhou log files from the web client history for storage and viewing locally.
18 Mar 2017

Mahjong Tools Part 1: Tenhou’s Efficiency Calculator

This the first part of a series I'll be writing on the various websites and programs that exist on the internet for riichi mahjong players. This article takes you through Tenhou.net's efficiency calculator for analysing the values of hand shanten and discard ukeire.
2 Mar 2017

Tournament Report – LAPOM Championship 2017

Hi, I'm Anthony / totoro on Osamuko discord - I was going to visit the US on vacation and when I found out about the LAPOM championships and couldn't resist the chance to change my itinerary and play!

25 Feb 2017

Defense in Depth – Part Two

It's time to dig deeper! This article presumes you're familiar with the concepts of suji and kabe and the tile safety table found here.

20 Feb 2017

WhITelion’s Quiz Corner – Issue 1

For today, you, the reader, will be undertaking a series of trivia questions! For our first issue, you will be going through questions about hand shapes with multiple waits, taken from: http://www.hakusa.net/marjong/quiz/q/a-tamen.htm. Forewarning: The answers to these questions might not be intuitive.
12 Feb 2017

WWYD With WhITelion – Issue 1

This is the WWYD column, in which you will rack your brains out trying to figure out the best discard choice for a fictional hand! For the first issue, we will start off with 3 simple problems, taken from 麻雀 傑作「何切る」300選 (Maajan kessaku [Nanikiru] 300-sen) by G Uzaku.
8 Feb 2017

Defense in Depth – Part One

In this series we'll present a number of advanced tips and tricks for defending, for when simple suji and kabe aren't enough. Today's material is taken from chapter four of Hirasawa Genki's 絶対にラスを引かない麻雀 (Zettai ni Rasu wo Hikanai Maajan).