Mahjong Tools Archive

24 Aug 2017

A Guide to Tenhou’s HTML5 Client

Tenhou's HTML/Mobile client has been out for a while now, though currently there are a lot of people who haven't really tried it, and English documentation on how to navigate the client is pretty scarce.

Here's an article to explain in how to navigate and use it in a little more detail.

21 May 2017

Mahjong Tools Part 2: Tenhou Log Collectors

In this article I cover two tools for downloading Tenhou log files from the web client history for storage and viewing locally.
18 Mar 2017

Mahjong Tools Part 1: Tenhou’s Efficiency Calculator

This the first part of a series I'll be writing on the various websites and programs that exist on the internet for riichi mahjong players. This article takes you through's efficiency calculator for analysing the values of hand shanten and discard ukeire.