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24 Aug 2017

A Guide to Tenhou’s HTML5 Client

Tenhou's HTML/Mobile client has been out for a while now, though currently there are a lot of people who haven't really tried it, and English documentation on how to navigate the client is pretty scarce.

Here's an article to explain in how to navigate and use it in a little more detail.

20 Feb 2017

WhITelion’s Quiz Corner – Issue 1

For today, you, the reader, will be undertaking a series of trivia questions! For our first issue, you will be going through questions about hand shapes with multiple waits, taken from: Forewarning: The answers to these questions might not be intuitive.
12 Feb 2017

WWYD With WhITelion – Issue 1

This is the WWYD column, in which you will rack your brains out trying to figure out the best discard choice for a fictional hand! For the first issue, we will start off with 3 simple problems, taken from 麻雀 傑作「何切る」300選 (Maajan kessaku [Nanikiru] 300-sen) by G Uzaku.