Please find info below for the qualification events for selection of the British team for the International Online Riichi Mahjong Championships


Qualifier 1: Sunday 20th September, starting 9am BST

Qualifier 2: Saturday 3rd October, starting 2pm BST

IORMC Team Event: Saturday 7th November, starting 11am GMT

General Information

Registration: Click here to register Tournament Lobby:

Tournament Discord Server: Jankenron Discord

List of Participants, Tournament Brackets & Live Results: TBC


All games will be played in a Championship Lobby on

The qualifiers shall consist of a 4 hanchan round-robin. After 4 hanchan, the top two players on aggregate score will qualify for the GB team, with the third place player being a named substitute.

The qualifiers are independent, and scores do not carry over from one qualifier to another. Players are free to play in either one or both of the qualifiers.

To be eligible for the British team in IORMC, players must either:

  • Currently hold a British passport
  • Have indefinite leave to remain in the UK
  • Be an EU citizen (or other visa-less citizen) who currently resides in the UK and plays under GB representation in EMA and/or WRC events

Players who are not eligible to play in the British team or who are unavailable on the date of IORMC may still play in the qualifier, however they must make it clear to organisers before the event that they would not be taking a qualification spot, so that other participants may clearly understand what the criteria for qualification are while playing.

In the case that a named substitute is required for IORMC, priority will go to the player who achieved the highest total score in the event through which they qualified to be a substitute. In the case of qualified players

Tournament Rules

Tournament rules are based on IORMC rules:

  • Red fives are not used
  • Players start on 30,000 points and return 30,000 points at the end of the hanchan
  • Points are divided by 1,000 at the end of the game (e.g. +3,400 becomes +3.4)
  • Placement bonuses are +35 / +5 / -15 / -25
  • The hanchan does not end if a player falls below zero points
  • Abortive draws are not used
  • South 4 round will only end when dealership passes as it would in any other round (i.e. no agariyame)
  • Open tanyao is allowed
  • In case of double or triple ron, the next player in turn order from the discarder is the only player who wins (headbump)

All games are to be played online on For those who are unfamiliar with the interface and do not speak Japanese, there is an English translation add-on for Chrome or Firefox, links to which can be found here. Instructions and assistance on how to create an account can be found here or on various English Tenhou guides available online, or in the first chapter of Riichi Book 1.

Games will be played in a Championship lobby. For those who are not familiar with Tenhou Championship lobbies, all that is required from you as a player is to be present in the correct lobby at the designated start time. Games will start automatically for you when initiated by the tournament organiser. Note that spectating another game or replay does not count as being in the lobby.